The Man of the Hour – Garrett Hayes

The Man of the Hour – Garrett Hayes

By Mawule

You often hear the phrase “never do business with family or friends.” But when you have friends who are talented, passionate, ambitious, and as driven as Garrett Hayes, this statement means nothing. I met Garrett Hayes my freshmen year at Colorado State University and have been close friends with him ever since. Garrett is the owner of Square Visions, a one-man multi-media company that provides creative and quality graphic design, photography, and videography for clients throughout Colorado. Garrett started the company in May of 2016, but has actually been doing this type of work since college. He started out working for a magazine which helped him cultivate his skills, until he was ready to focus on his own vision.

Our collaboration on the “Black is Beautiful” music video started when attended my Chosen Album Release Party at Lost Lake and produced a video highlighting the event for fans. After watching the video, my intuition told me that he was the right guy to shoot the “Black is Beautiful” music video. Though Garrett had never shot a music video before, I believed in his passion, vision, and ability to produce quality work, so I reach out to him.The funny thing about our conversation was that Garrett already listened to and loved the song, so he had ideasSquare Visions is no doubt a company you will soon be familiar with. Garrett Hayes started the company simply out of love for graphic design, photography, and videography. But soon it transformed into a company that inspires through creative media. Square Visions was established to support those underrepresented or disenfranchised, to capture heritage and culture (Black), and to promote the growth of all who aspire for greatness with their talents and craft.

As I mentioned in my previous “Black is Beautiful – Shooting the Music Video” blog post, the “Black is Beautiful” music video will definitely inspire you and expand your mind! It will give you the chills! It might even make you shed a few tears! I can’t wait for the video to be released on September 30th to the world . It’s definitely a must-see music video.

A premiere showcase will be held at the Walnut Room on September 29th. Visit my Mawule music page for the latest scoop on the release party.


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