Spotlight Feature – VDiek

Mawule Spotlight Feature – VDiek

By Mawule

I love watching people live their passion. Nothing compares to seeing them wholeheartedly engaged in their craft, with their happiness shining through their work. Whether you have witnessed this before or not, I am asking you all to watch one particular artist’s dance videos on Instagram.

My second freestyle feature goes out to Victoria Korneliussen, better known by her Instagram name, Vdiek. Vdiek is a gifted 13-year-old self-taught dancer from Bergen, Norway. Vdiek started teaching herself how to dance one year ago and has embraced this talent ever since. Dancing began as a form of self-expression. It was a way for her to express her feelings through various movements, creating a healthy and fun way to connect with herself.

I always enjoy learning the motivation behind people’s passions, so I asked Vdiek why she enjoys dancing. She replied, “my style has no rules and it’s all about getting to know yourself. Dance is a way for me to communicate and I dance whenever I’m sad, happy, and angry. Dance has saved me in many situations, changed me in many ways, and I feel more free and positive. I feel like without dance I wouldn’t be myself. I am proud to be a dancer! Dance completes me!”

As someone who writes music, sings, and is still cultivating my self-taught skill with music, I relate to Vdiek on many levels. It is also the reason why I am really happy to share her story and her collaborative work with my music. Without further ado, please checkout Vdiek’s freestyle to my songs “Fall For Me” ft Jerney, “Simple” and “Anything” ft DJ Zenas.

Please support this talented dancer 13 and follow her on Instagram at @Vdiek and Twitter at VDieK.

Checkout the full records Vdiek used below.


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