Spotlight Feature – Eve-Marie Mathieu & Fannie Côté

Mawule Spotlight Feature – Eve-Marie Mathieu & Fannie Côté

By Mawule

What I truly enjoy about these dance features is seeing people be their authentic self, engaging with their passion. I get to learn about different forms of dance, how people found their passion and what dance means to folks. What I also enjoy is seeing how people interpret my music with their dance expressions. It’s such an awesome experience to share.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce my fourth freestyle feature: Canadian professional dancers and choreographers Eve-Marie Mathieu and Fannie Côté.

I discovered these two when I saw a video Eve-Marie Mathieu shared on Instagram. The music was soothing and the dance was done beautifully, so it caught my attention. Contemporary dance is one of my favorite dances to watch, especially when it’s accompanied by classical music! Eve-Marie’s video got me excited because I imagined how cool it would be to see a contemporary dance routine with my music.

(Eve-Marie Mathieu – Photo by Jean-Philippe Labrie )

I reached out to and shared my music with Eve-Marie, and she was open to a collaboration. Eve-Marie and Fannie created a combined routine for ‘Anything (ft. DJ Zenas)’. Both dancers live in Quebec City and began dancing at a very young age, Eve-Marie since age 7, and Fannie since age 5. As professional dancers, dance is at the core center of their life’s purpose. Eve-Marie shared, “I dance as a living because I love it so much and I will keep dancing for as long as I am able to. It is a feeling you can’t explain!” Fannie said, “this is what I am born to do and it’s a way of expressing and liberating myself.”

Both described their style of dance as “contemporary dance, with a mixture of flowy and physical movements”. They shared that “musicality and rhythm is really important for us. We often let our body do the job for us and inspire the movement! We want to show people our work because personally we like it and we want people to see what we are proud of, even if they like it or not!”

(Fannie Côté)

Connecting with people around the world, seeing people live their dreams, and sharing passions and aspirations is such a rewarding experience. There are many talented dancers out there, and when I have the chance to connect with genuine and down to earth people like Eve-Marie Mathieu and Fannie Côté, it’s inspiring. Showing pure excitement for the opportunity because it’s simply what you love to do is what living out your passion looks like.

So please show your support and follow these talented dancers on Instagram at @Evamariaa_993, @Fannieco and @ground_state_dance_company. And check out their dance video to Mawule – ‘Anything’ ft DJ Zenas.

Click play below to listen to the full song – Anything (ft. DJ Zenas).  



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