Spotlight Feature – Esdee Dancer

Mawule Spotlight Feature – Esdee Dancer

By Mawule

I was browsing through dance videos on Instagram and came across Belgium dancer Sebastien Delpire, better known as Esdee Dancer. Esdee’s mixture of popping, breakdance and hip-hop dance styles caught my attention.  I watched all his videos and decided to reach out to see if he would be willing to do some work with my music. After a few DMs, I shared my album with Esdee and “Fall For Me” ft Jerney was the song that resonated so, Esdee crafted a choreography piece to the music. Well without further ado, please checkout Esdee Dancer’s choreography to my record “Fall For Me” ft Jerney. Esdee has been dancing for 6 years. Esdee taught himself how to dance by watching videos, practicing, and free-styling. Dancing is the core of Esdee’s passion and his hard work and dedication is noticeable in all his dance videos. Please follow Esdee Dancer  on Snapchat at Essdee05, Instagram at @esdee_freestyle_dancer, and Like his dance fan page at


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