Spotlight Feature – Alex Spence

Mawule Spotlight Feature – Alex Spence

By Mawule

I have gotten to know many amazing people with these dance features. Throughout this process of collaborating with people around the world, I am simply touched by each individual’s stories. I find myself thinking, “damn, I wish i was in their neck of town so we can kick it, because these folks are amazing human beings.”

Today, it is my honor to present Alex Spence. Alex is badass, and what I love and admire about this young man is his persistence and tenacity in discovering his passion. Alex is a talented 19-year-old dancer from Great Britain, whose Instagram description immediately intrigued me. It states: “scroll to the bottom to see a broken human being..and scroll up to see me repair myself one dance at a time :).”Wow. What a powerful statement. I had to sit and reflect for a while because it said a lot and made me want to hear more about his story and its connection to dancing.

Alex started dancing at a very young age. He was self taught, and has been practicing on and off for the past 7-8 years. Alex shared that, through continuous practice, sharpening and refining his skills, he has made tremendous progress.I asked Alex why he dances and he said, “throughout my life, I have been the worst at a lot of things: sports, video games, nearly everything everyone beat me at (especially my brother). So I liked how I could do something that nobody else could, then thought I can do things that nobody would even think of doing. This broke me out of my insecure and self conscious shell, making me a much better person and I still continue to evolve.”

Alex summed up his reason for dancing in one word: free. He shared that “I can’t do choreography, so I stick to freestyle, doing what the music tells me to do. It’s like a language that only a handful of people speak. I do whatever I feel is needed to complement the music, but I also love illusion, I do some pretty complicated tuts lol.”

Alex wants a career in dance, and wants to do so with other talented dancers . He just wants the opportunity to “just simply create.” Alex believes that dance is a “tool for creation as much as a paintbrush is to an artist.”

Please support Alex by checking out and following his Instagram alex_react_spence. Checkout his freestyle dance piece to my song ‘Relax.

Checkout the full ‘Relax’ record here.



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