When It Rains It Pours

When it Rains it Pours

By Mawule

When reality settles in, our minds open
To the things we ignored, when walking in the light

When belief creeps in, our faith grows
We then imagine a life, a life lived by being good and living well

And as time passes, we learn and change
We shape our growth, into what we become

From the choices we make, the paths we take
Our identity ossifies, in a foundation, we begin to know

We keep on going, and still growing
In a life, we begin to know, for it is a life we begin to create

So when reality knocks for a visit, AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN
We laugh, we smile, we reminisce over the past

For our journey continues, and lessons will always be learned!

I wrote the above poem about 5 years ago when I was trying to find meaning from obstacles I was experiencing in my life. This poem became a reminder to myself –a reminder that everything in life happens for reason. Although it was hard to maintain my belief in such a sentiment when my life was a stormy weather from September 2014 to January 2015, I still believed that everything was happening for a reason… But when it rained, it poured.

Soon after I signed a management contract with BLDGBLKS Music Company and a recording deal with Spot Studio Records, I dislocated my ankle playing softball (yeah SOFTBALL). This was also right after the release of my Reflections EP into the digital market. I was looking forward to jumping up and down and performing the songs on my EP, but that plan was short lived. The 6 to 7 weeks of recovery was depressing. As an active runner who would wake up and run 8 to 25 miles as my daily exercise, I did not know how to wrap my mind around the fact that I was unable to run nor walk. Running is one of my primary means of self-care, so this accident destroyed me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Soon after I started physical therapy and walking in a boot, I became extremely ill for about two weeks with a tonsil infection. After meeting with an otolaryngologists, it was determined that I needed to remove my tonsil to improve my health. The tonsillectomy was successful but the healing process was the worse pain I had ever endured. I was heavily fatigued and dropped about 15 pounds due to my inability to swallow even though I felt healthy.

In the middle of my tonsillectomy recovery, I developed a viral infection around my voice box. My voice was limited and I was unable to sing, let alone make a sound. This part was probably the most frightening experience because I found myself over-analyzing everything and anything regarding my music aspirations. During this time, I made frequent visits to my otolaryngologist and consumed every medication she prescribed and followed every daily practice she suggested. Five weeks in, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life seemed to be heading in the right direction until I started experiencing shortness of breath and painful coughs. After another visit to my otolaryngologists, I found out that I had developed bronchitis,

During all these experiences, it was hard to believe that everything was happening for a reason, but I believed it to be true. So what are the reasons? Well, I don’t know, but I’m sure someday the pieces of the stormy puzzles which I experienced will be made into a perfect picture.I do know that from these life twisters, I learned the importance of asking for help and the practice of patience. As an independent person, I enjoy doing things on my own and hate asking for help. Prior to this experience, patience was not in my vocabulary because my world is go, go, go because I like to “Get Shit Done”. This whole experience taught me the value of asking for help and the practice of patience and I think I am a better person as result of these two learned lessons.

From these series of unfortunate events, I also devoted more time to writing music and sharpened my lyrical composition abilities. There was a point when I thought what happened to the days when I could pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write a full song in less than 2 hours. Well, that thought no longer crossed my mind because writing songs was the only thing I could do during this whole experience. No matter what happens in life, I believe that we have to make meaning of what we experience and that sometimes we never understand the reasons of events until years and years down the road.

So when reality knocks for a visit, AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN
We laugh, we smile, we reminisce over the past

Because when it rains and sometimes it pours but, my life journey will always continue forward and lessons will always be learned!!

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