Spotlight Feature – Veronika Koleva

Mawule Spotlight Feature – Veronika Koleva

By Mawule

If you follow Veronika Koleva on her social media platforms then you know that she’s a badass dancer and choreographer who is genuine, down to earth and quite mesmerizing to watch. Her selection of music in accordance with her dance moves captures your attention in a way that leaves you wanting more. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than 30 minutes to an hour browsing through her dance videos finding yourself wishing your body could move and create art like her. If you don’t know or follow Veronika on social media, you are surely missing out. With that being said, it is my pleasure to share a little about this talented dancer who was gracious enough to use my song “It’s Not You” and previously, “Anything ft DJ Zenas,” in her choreographed dance pieces.

Veronika Koleva, better known by her Instagram name koleva.veronika, was born and raised in Bulgaria. She started dancing at the age of  8 until the age of 16 before changing paths during her last years of high school. However, Veronika soon discovered that dance was at the core of her being, and was something she could not avoid. With this renewed vigor, Veronika returned to the art of dance at the age of 19 and began to build a career doing what she loved most.’

Veronika’s style of dance is eclectic and derives influence from many other styles of dance. Specifically, she studied traditional African, Caribbean, and Contemporary Dance. She is also currently training to learn different forms of Afro-style dances and Improvisation, all of which is categorized under the umbrella of movement language. Veronika said that “the way my body naturally moves is quite fluid and I include a lot of powerful movements to create contrast and dynamic” and that “there are a lot of influences in my style and I constantly work on putting more into it and mastering it. It never stops.”

At the beginning of her journey, Veronika did not know why she loved to dance. She only knew that dance was something she “was here for” and that “if she had any purpose to fulfill, it had to be done through dance.” This sentiment still holds true for her, as dance has become an integral part of her career and livelihood. Veronika frequently teaches dance independently and is on the board for a dance theatre where she supports educational dance projects.

In Veronika’s own words, “I dance in a company as well as work in collaboration with a visual artist to create dance pieces. I find my reasons through doing all this work. Whether it’s community, educational or entertainment the reason is growth, delivering knowledge and staying on the path of learning.”

In regards to her plans for the future, Veronika shares that “there are so many things I want to do and I am doing it but, my biggest purpose is open people’s minds to movement and the benefits and beauty of it.” She says that “dance as an art form has the power of unlocking doors in the human mind that you would have never know existed”. Veronika believes that people have the ability to connect and see through each other only if they understand and “recognize the powerful tool the moving body is”. This is the reason she loves teaching dance.

It is an honor to have such a talented dancer find inspiration in my music, and I appreciate all the hard work she put into her feature. So without further ado, please check out the video of Veronika’s choreography to my song “It’s Not You”. Learn more about Veronika Koleva in this Connecting Vibes feature and connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.