Anything – Behind the Story

Anything – Behind the Store

By Mawule


“Anything” is a song that exemplifies my value of living a humble lifestyle which is not dictated by materialism. This track is about the pure and genuine love that can be fostered in a strong relationship.

“Anything” was originally inspired by my mother, who would always have conversations with me about the women in my life. These conversations frequently involved advice about qualities good women should possess and the character they should exhibit. Some of the advice that always stuck with me was that a good woman will always stand by my side, will always pray with me during the good and the bad times, and that the pure, unconditional love will surpass any obstacles a couple might experience. Most importantly, I learned that money should not be the sole component that sustains a relationship since money comes and goes. Unconditional love should always be the primary element that keeps the fire burning.

I selected “Anything” for the Chosen album because it gives listeners insight into who I am and the values for which I stand -similar to the other tracks on the album. I want to be with someone who will love me at my highest and lowest points, love me despite my flaws, and will ride with me ‘till the end. I am really proud of how the record turned out and I can’t wait for all my fans to hear these songs!


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