A Promising Future

A Promising Future

By Mawule

The most commonly used phrase “Everything happens for a reason” is often a test of faith and understanding. Six years ago, a promising opportunity to establish a career in the music industry was presented to me.  I was an ambitious young artist who just wanted to produce an album. I did not know very much about the business and did not care to self-educate myself because for all I knew, I was about to publish an album. Even though I never had a good intuitive feeling about the opportunity, I pursued it fully with my head up high. While on this journey, my head slowly stirred downward and my confidence in a music career diminished.

After this experience, I decided to forego my dream of becoming a musician. Fortunately, the music world was not ready for me to give up because on September 30, 2013 (a day before I closed my music accounts), my life changed. A producer by the name of Glenn Sawyer stumbled upon my music on Reverbnation. Glen emailed me expressing his admiration for my music and wanted to discuss the possibility of a new music venture. Honestly, this was just what I needed because I was not ready to give up on this dream. Music is a big part of me and I was not ready to lose a part of my identity.

In December of 2013, I began working with Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, Colorado. Every record Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop produce and master at the Spot Studios is HOTFIRE and that’s why I love working with them. Glen and Rich always push me to the best of my ability with effective vocal coaching and provided a perfect balance of challenge and support on my vocals. At the Spot studios, I never feel like I am at work. If anything it feels like I am practicing self-care because music is the medicine that heals my soul. I always feel at peace when standing in front of the microphone with my ears locked in the headphones.

As the fun continued, I knew this team would not be complete without an agent to help me build my success in the music business. Someone who believe in my talented and my music is what I needed to have faith that a manager will be ambitious and determined to make sure that I am successful as an artist in the music industry. After one conversation with Joel Rekiel, I knew I had to sign with BLDGBLKS Music Company. BLDGBLKS equaled success in my mind and I saw a promising future for the first time with my music. Now I feel that my team is complete. Everything has fallen into place at the right time in my life and there is nowhere to go but UP from here!



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