“Fall For Me” – The Story Behind the Song

“Fall For Me” – The Story Behind the Song

By Mawule

After a very difficult breakup a few years ago, I decided to devote time for personal growth to rediscover myself. I felt like I lost a piece of myself throughout the duration of the relationship. So, I decided to not date or pursue any relationships until I felt like I was ready to fully commit to another person. I wanted to learn what I could really offer in a relationship and figure out what I was truly looking for in a significant other. During this time, I did things I loved. I went to see movies and concerts, reconnected with friends, and produced a lot of music. Single life is actually enjoyable when you do it right. For me, being single was all about introspection and finding the part of me that I felt I lost.

Eventually, I started to casually date when I felt ready to be back on the market, but something was different. That connection I usually felt when pursuing a romantic interest was not there anymore. At one point, I thought I forgot how to love and even thought something was wrong with me. I am the type of person that processes things for understanding, so I frequently talked to my close friends, mentors, and a few of my close psychology professors about my experience. These conversations helped me realize that I wasn’t feeling the usual rush of love chemicals from my dates because there weren’t any genuine sparks, and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Later, one of my mentors informed me about a woman who would be a good match for me. I grew interested the more I learned about her and after seeing how beautiful she was, I inquired on how I could connect with her. I got her digits and established communication. We would text on and off but everything was always surface-level, which got boring. Naturally, I stopped talking to her because I didn’t feel like thing were going anywhere.  

I went home to visit my family during the holidays and things changed as I reconnected with this woman. We talked everyday and the more we talked, the more we discovered that we had so much in common. From then on, I made the conscious decision to not hold back and fully committed to letting this woman get to know me. I wanted to be vulnerable and put my heart out there because I was eager to build something real. Despite my willingness to be upfront, I failed to accept that we were both traveling at different speeds. I could tell that she was somewhat holding back and all I wanted was for her to trust me with her heart. I wanted her to break down her wall and not be afraid to fall for me.


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