‘Anything’ Filmmakers: Mia Ginaé and Eric Hernandez

Meet Mia Ginaé & Eric Hernandez

by Mawule

If you have not seen my latest music video release, “Anything,” then you are definitely missing out on a powerful visual that celebrates Black fatherhood and parenthood. Though the video was celebrated with many features in prominent media outlets such asDOPECAUSEWESAIDBolderBeat, Westword, GHBase, and now a selected film screening at the D.C Black Film Festival, none have focused on the two talented up-and-coming young filmmakers that birthed the project. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce the “Anything” music video filmmakers: Mia Ginaé and Eric Hernandez.

Mia Ginaé was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Mia attended Elon University in North Carolina and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Television Arts. Mia discovered her passion for film after teaching herself how to edit video at a young age. This quickly developed into her writing of scripts and doing film/video related projects at the age of thirteen. College was Mia’s experimental playground where she developed her creative eye and discovered her love for writing and directing short films and producing powerful music videos. Storytelling was always the essence and core of Mia’s love for film and such passion is very evident in the “Anything” music video.

As an up-and-coming filmmaker and director, Mia loves to immerse herself in her work and sees it as a cathartic way of expressing her thoughts, feelings, and values. Mia’s work has been accepted to the Citizen Jane Film Festival 2015, San Francisco Black Film Festival 2015, Reel Sisters of the African Diaspora 2015, and 2015 Trinity Student Film Festival. Mia’s goal is to progress and prosper in the music video industry, working on musical projects in the genres of R&B pop, alternative rock, and drum and bass electronic music. One of Mia’s aspirations is for a few of her prospective short films to land placement at Sundance Film Festival. Mia currently works as a video editor for Sony PlayStation in San Diego, CA.

Eric Hernandez was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and is a 6th generation Coloradan! Eric also attended Elon University in North Carolina and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Television Arts, with a minor in Spanish. Eric discovered his passion for filmmaking when he was nine years-old. After seeing the first Harry Potter film in theaters and seeing what he had envisioned in his head when reading the books, Eric knew what direction his career path would lead him. Eric first explored filmmaking by making his own stop motion films, and slowly began to shift into using real actors in his work. In high school, Eric took his first film class, where he learned the basics of shooting and editing. College was where Eric fully immersed himself in the world of filmmaking. He devoted his time to becoming a well-rounded filmmaker who cultivated love for writing, producing, directing, cinematography and editing.

Eric believes that film is an incredibly powerful medium. Eric shared that film “has the ability to reach every individual on the planet and gives us the opportunity to share our messages, our ideas and our beliefs with the world. Film can inspire hope, promote change, and connect us all on an emotional level”. Eric also shared that “in the theater we are all equal. It doesn’t matter your religion, the color of your skin, your socioeconomic status, background and etc. When the lights dim we are all united in the emotional journey of the story we watch.” Eric feels that films have the power to influence the way people think and with that power come the responsibility as a filmmaker to use it in a positive way to help influence a positive change in people’s minds. Diversity is a major focal point for Eric’s work. Eric wants to change the industry for the better, creating films where people of all colors can see themselves on screen in a positive manner. Eric’s goal is to do for others what Harry Potter did for him, inspire to give hope and promote change. Eric currently works as an associate producer/finishing editor at Rocky Mountain PBS in Colorado.

A Match Made in Heaven

I originally discovered Mia Ginaé work when my brother showed me a video she did for his Flare and Square business. I was instantly impressed by the quality, vision and storytelling. Soon after Mia was hired for the project, she brought on Eric, assuring me that we absolutely needed him and his eye for cinematography. It was a pleasure working with Mia and Eric on this video, and the music video is a truly testament of their talent and skill in filmmaking.

Even though we all slept for a total of about six hours the weekend we shot this video, every minute of our grind was worth it. Mia shared that her favorite part about the process was the pre-production: getting all the elements we need together before we started filming. Eric included “it was great working with people that were not only passionate and hardworking like myself, but who were also taking part in something bigger than ourselves.” Eric mentioned that his favorite part of the process was working with an awesome team of passionate artists and filming all over Denver.

Mia & Eric would like viewers who watch the “Anything” music video to connect to Mawule’s character. Mia said, “ To me, he’s an ‘everyman.’ He works his hardest as a single father to give his daughter the best life”. A lot of fathers and parents experience this on the daily and we want them to be inspired and feel recognized by our project. Eric stated that “I want people to connect with the emotional journey. This is a story about love and sacrifice. Our loved ones do so much for us that goes unnoticed. They work and sacrifice for our wellbeing. I hope this video connects with people and opens their eyes to how important it is to love and appreciate those who care for us and to acknowledge their hard work. I hope this video leads to many hugs and people saying “I love you” and “Thank you” to those who deserve it, and not on a designated holiday. “

Mia’s advice for anyone looking to enter the film industry is to “Practice, practice, practice. If you want to become a video editor or writer/director in the film world, it is important that you constantly create! It’s a great exercise, and it’s downright fun. I was editing almost every day when I was thirteen, and that experience has helped me today. Also, no matter how hard things get or seem, never give up. Keep going, you are almost there!”

Eric’s says if you have a passion and a dream, go after it. Eric’s advice for anyone looking to enter the film industry is to “Invest yourself, work on mastery. Give 110% always. Anything is possible. But also know that you can’t do it alone. Be kind to others, lend a helping hand. If you’re fortunate enough to climb the ladder of success, send a rope back down to help others rise with you. Be genuine and be yourself. Work hard and don’t give up.”

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