Shooting the Music Video

When I walked into Creative Cultures Studio, in Arvada, my jaw dropped upon seeing the studio set up. There was a stage with a bath tub, water/shower fixture, bedroom set, plain white backdrop stage, and other spaces with different props. My excitement for shooting “Black is Beautiful” grew immensely after walking through the space.


Garrett Hayes, owner of Square Visions, shot the music video. Garrett made the shoot both easy and fun because he knew the exact shots he wanted from each scene. So I was able to get into my zone and really focus on my singing.

We shot a milk bath scene to provide a Black and White color contrast that metaphorically represents the struggles highlighted in the music. Niyankor Ajuaj was the actress who played this role and she owned her part!


Dynamic duo ILL Se7en and Bianca Mikahn are the main features on the track, and they rocked their scenes as well. It was amazing to watch the video unfold because it reminded me of the reason I decided to collaborate with them in the first place. Both of them are hard-working artists who give nothing but 100 percent, and I like working with people who grind for their art.


The video also featured Zelle Moore and Jhasmyne Cooper, two CSU students, who did interpretative dance scenes. Their scenes were shot on a different day and I was unable to attend, but I was very happy with what was captured and how transformative their work was. The parts with Moore and Cooper truly enhanced the story and it still blows me away.

The “Black is Beautiful” music video will definitely inspire you and hopefully expand your mind! It will give you the chills! It might even make you shed a few tears!




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