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Mawule's "Chosen" Album Release Party Was The Perfect Sunday Funday Start to the Summer

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Mawule's release party for Chosen was thumpin'.

This past Sunday, the walls of Denver’s Lost Lake were bumping in celebration of Mawule’s release party for his album Chosen, which dropped on June 10th. The good vibes were palpable, and the music was paired perfectly with the “Sunday funday” feel of the crowd. Mawule Album Release - 15MAWULE.
Mawule was accompanied by some pretty stellar and diverse musical acts. Denver hip hop artist Jerney warmed up the crowd as it trickled in, prepared to round out the weekend with a bang. Singer/songwriter Amy Kress graced the stage afterward, and had what I believe to be one of her best performances yet. She moved gracefully around the stage, switching between strictly vocals and piano with vocals, sharing her story with the crowd. Amy truly shined under the red and blue lights of Lost Lake’s stage, and belted her heart out. Rapper/MC ILL Se7en followed, hyping the crowd with some killer lyrical flow and classic hip hop beats, thanks to the lovely Bianca Mikahn. Together, the two created a combination that was impossible not to move your muscles to. DJ Zenas was the last performer to kick up some dust before Mawule took the stage. It was a delight to watch him, as this was his very first performance as a rapper/singer. To say his set was just downright fun would be an understatement. Zenas’ confidence on stage and rapport with the crowd got everyone fired up right before Mawule, and he proved that he is just as talented of a performer as he is a DJ. Mawule Album Release - 10BIANCA MIKAHN AND MAWULE.
Mawule brought an entirely different vibe than his predecessors, rounding out the evening with some R&B/soul sounds and dance beats produced and co-written by Glenn Sawyer at The Spot Studios. When it comes to Mawule, the meaning behind the music is just as important as the music itself. His unveiling of Chosen felt incredibly personal, as he shared bits and pieces of his journey behind each song. It’s no mystery that he is passionate about the community, human relationships, and working to bridge the gap between the performer and the audience. Personal favorites from the night were “Chosen”, which featured local MC A Meazy, “Anything” featuring DJ Zenas, “It’s Not You”, “Get Your Name”, and of course, the soulful tribute “Black Is Beautiful”, featuring the vocal magic of Bianca Mikahn and ILL Se7en.

Listen to Mawule's Chosen for yourself:

It was incredible to see Mawule celebrate the hard work he’s put into Chosen, and also to see the talented musicians and friends he surrounds himself with. Everyone was supportive and enthused about what was being shared with them, and that, I believe, is what truly makes a show great. The walls of the Lost Lake were filled with eclectic poetry, funky beats, and friendly faces who did not seem to care that it was late on a Sunday night. It was personally awesome to revisit one of my favorite musical enclaves in Denver, and with summer just around the corner, I’d advise everyone to get to Lost Lake for a show in the near future. Mawule Album Release - 20MAWULE AND A MEAZY.
Chosen can be found on Spotify and SoundCloud, and will be released later on iTunes, for your listening pleasure. Stay in touch with Mawule on Facebook to keep tabs on his upcoming performances and announcements. -Jura All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artist featured and those credited.