Freestyle Feature – Isabel Bamford

I stumbled on her Instagram dance page. After browsing through a few of her dance pieces, I was ecstatic to reach out to see if we could collaborate on a piece with my music. I really enjoyed her fast paced dance routines because it was unique, creative, and a great mixtures of dance styles. Nothing I had seen in other dance videos.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce my next freestyle Friday feature Isabel Bamford, better known by her Instagram name, Izzy_bamford. Isabel is a 20-year-old dancer from London. Isabel started dancing at a very young age with starting with Ballet. At the age of 12, Ballet was no longer a passion area for Isabel so she enrolled in a few street dance classes and continued to teach herself street dance to further develop her skills.


As always, I enjoy learning the motivation behind people’s passions, so I asked Isabel why she enjoys dancing. She replied, “Dance is a sense of feeling free. I guess I would say that I dance to express myself in a way that you can’t simply put in words.”

Isabel also shared that, “I would describe my style as dynamic street dance freestyle. I rarely plan my dances as I try to flow with the beat and sync with it as best as I can. I like to excel in dancing and find that particular style which would make me unique against other dancers. I think it’s special when you see dancers dance in a way and style that no one could steal.”

Without further ado, please checkout Isabel’s freestyle to my songs “Get Your Name”. Checkout all of her work on Instagram at  Izzy_bamford, Twitter at IsabelBamford, and Youtube at IzzyBamford.

Checkout the full “Get Your Name” record here.


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